Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Preparing for our departure...

Ahh, departure date has arrived!  I leave tonight for NYC.  Mike will join me in NYC on Sunday, Aug 22 where we will leave for Nairobi.  It has been a crazy whirlwind preparing for this trip.  We are so grateful for the support and encouragement we have received. THANK YOU!  We are wide open and ready for this adventure...whatever its twists and turns may bring.

The "Plan"
I have to laugh when I call this a "plan" because anyone who has travelled anywhere, especially to a foreign country to volunteer, knows that there is no such thing as a plan.  And, as much as I like to control and plan, I am really looking forward to this time of a little less planning.  Anyhoo, Mike and I arrive in Nairobi on Aug 23.  We will stay in the city for a few days and then head out to Kimana.  One of the directors from Staff of Hope, Jeff, has been in Kimana for nearly a month working on water wells.  He hopes to help us settle in and introduce us in the community.  We are working on our Swahili, thanks to Rosetta Stone which was generously gifted to us by the providers at Edmonds Family Medicine!  Mike likes to throw in a little Spanish here and there...we are learning:)

Kimana is a small village near Amboseli National Park in Southeastern Kenya, near the Tanzanian border.  Mike and I both have images in our heads, but are eager for the images to become reality.  We enter this experience with great humility and gratitude, hoping to build relationships and learn from the lives and stories unfolding around us.  More to come....


  1. Proud of both of you and looking forward to hearing of the many different types of journeys you will be taking. Glad you will be in touch!

    Safe travels


  2. Can't wait to hear more on the adventure!!!

  3. So excited to follow your adventure!! XOXO

  4. We are enjoying your adventures through your blog. The pictures are great but your word decriptions are even better. We're glad that you have been "adopted" by the fanilies. That will make everything easier. There definitely is a book in the works here. We love you. Stay safe.