Monday, August 23, 2010

We made it!!!

We made it to Nairobi!  It was a long day of travel, but we arrived safely and we are so grateful to be here.   I will have to keep this short because I cannot really connect words from my brain to the keyboard right now as we have been awake for nearly 48hours!  We made it in about 7:30pm Kenyan time, stood in line for our visas for about 2 hours, and got all our bags (they all made the journey with us!).  We were met at the airport by Jeff and a man named, Agoi who drove us to our hotel.  Everyone has been so welcoming in the short time we have been here and we are already settling into this new place.  We are quickly remembering the initial challenges of navigating in a foreign land (currency, language, food, transportation, etc.) and understand it is going to take some time and many mistakes to learn the basics.  But, logistics are just logistics.  The more important thing is to try to stay open and learn from the many stories around us.  As Agoi said tonight as he welcomed us "you are going to learn many things from us and we are going to learn many things from you."  We are looking forward to weaving together our stories.

Time for sleep!!!

Thinking of all of you, Linds and Mike

P.S. Are blogs supposed to make you feel like Doogie Howser, MD???  Because, that is totally what this feels like!

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  1. Thanks for the update... hope the jet lag fades and things continue to go smoothly for a few days. And blogging beats scribbling the same lines over and over on little flimsy aerograms!