Monday, September 27, 2010

Lindsay's new name

I have a new Maasai name, and I think many of you will laught!  It is quite common for people here to have two names - an English name as well as a tribal (Maasai, Kikuu, etc) name.  Well, Kimare only has one name so one day when we were enjoying a meal, he decided his other name would be Simba.  This has been pretty funny because every time he sees us, he smiles and says "SIMBA" in a very deep and growling voice and then laughs.  Well, I thought it fitting to ask for a Maasai name.  After days of thought, yesterday Simba informed me that my Maasai name is Naasisho, which means "active one" or "the one who is always working."  I had to laugh.  Even in the bush in the middle of nowhere, I have to be doing something! Only a few days in the bush and these men already know me so well, even with a huge language barrier.  Simba plans to give Mike his Maasai name soon; his is still discerning.  I will keep you posted.

We are headed back out to Karero today, having loaded up with supplies in Tanzania and Namanga.  We had a restful day yesterday. We were able to post a few pictures and, of course, check the Seahawks score this morning (Go Seahawks!!!)  Hope to write again soon!

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  1. How is your Maasai name pronounced? Does the language have a word for "overcommitted?" I'm going to guess Mike's name may be translated as either "not talkative" or "strong and clever".