Saturday, September 18, 2010

You know your in Africa when...

You know you are in Africa when you drive 200 miles with a live sheep in the back of the car:)  Apparently, you also know you are in Africa when you see people walking down the street with Sonics jerseys!  Mike had another spotting of a Sonics jersey - this time it was Gary Payton!

It has been another busy week, every day settling in to life here. Poli poli (little by little).  We left Kimana yesterday are now in Namanga.  We are leaving today to spend two weeks living and working in the bush at the clinic in Karero.  Mike, Tyson, and many of the Maasai men will be building, painting, and restoring.  I am planning to do some public health teaching as well as some medical training.  I am bringing about 50 empty plastic water bottles in an attempt to teach about clean water - i.e. boiling or leaving in the sun to kill the bacteria.

We are building relationships and learning how and why things are done.  We hope to have an exchange of information, but first we must earn the right to be heard.  There are so many little things that make us laugh every day (i.e. why you wait for an hour to pick someone up, only to drive them 10 feet and drop them off or why when there is a rode that is 10 feet wide, the motorbike will come as close as possible to you walking down the street!).  Little by little we learn.  Despite the insecurities and feeling so out of place some days, I find myself falling in love with the spirit of the people here.  The generosity of spirit is truly humbling.  Thank you again to all of you for helping us get here.

Will write more soon


  1. I hope your connectivity will improve enough to allow some photos when you get back from Karero. Would love to see how things look. I'll keep sending email to your email address. Enjoy your time in Karero!

  2. HI Linds & Mike! As you are falling in love with the people and spirit, I am falling in love with your stories! Thank you for sharing this journey with us!! I'll do the Connectivity Dance so you can keep the blogs coming! (Rock on, Doogie!) xoxox ~Shell